Welcome to FemvsFem Werstling Art


How do I get into the chatroom?
Click on the "Enter Webchat" button on the Chat page.
Can I change my name once I'm in the room?
Yes, there are two ways to do this. You can click on your name (to the left of where you type to chat) and enter a new nickname in the box that pops up, or type /nick yournewnick in the "e;Send message..." field.
Is there any way to stop someone else from using my name?
Absolutely, but you have to register the one you want to use. Once you're in the chatroom, click the Sorcerynet button at the top left of the webchat box. Once there, type the following: /msg Nickserv register [password] [email address]. Use a password that you'll remember, but leave the brackets off the password and your email address. You'll get a confirmation email, so just follow those instructions.
Can I ignore someone?
Yes. Just type /ignore nickname in any window, using the nickname of the person you want to ignore of course.
I don't like the way the web chat looks. Is there a way to change it?
Yes. Click the icon that looks like three gears at the top of the web chat. In there you'll find settings and themes.
How many people can this room hold?
An IRC chatroom can easily hold over 500 people with little lag. Of course, you may want to hide the joins and parts to keep the scrolling down.
Can I leave an offline message for someone?
You can, but only if you both have your names registered. If you do, type /msg memoserv help and follow the instructions

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask one of the channel ops.